Our Story

The Creation of Adage Jewelry

Born from the union of two passions, ADAGE Jewelry is the child of beauty and wisdom. Inspired by universal principles of wisdom, ADAGE offers unique collections of fine jewelry, trendy and elegant, yet sometimes edgy and provoking. With their own clear conviction, ADAGE collections expose meaning and purpose and honor the essence and potentials of the human spirit.

The brand values to offer more than a precious accessory and proposes an inspiration that reminds us to stay true to ourselves. Our vivid creations embody the uniqueness and fullness of who we truly are. We want our clients to feel inspired and empowered by the depth and potential expressed by the pieces they are wearing.

Each piece of ADAGE jewelry has a commitment to its social and spiritual roots. Each piece is a veritable talisman made to oneself: a refuge of wisdom. Whether you want to make a positive social statement or an empowering affirmation to yourself, ADAGE offers you the possibility to wear your heart and belief with style.

All ADAGE pieces are custom made in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. We follow strict and ethical regulations in relation to production and our jewelry is handmade by highly qualified, dedicated and qualified craftsmen. All our finished products are quality assured by the exigence of ADAGE team and designer Anne-Marie Le Flanchec.

Anne-Marie Le Flanchec

From the very young age, Anne-Marie has loved art and mystical tales. Anne-Marie studied Art History and Design in Paris before moving to London to work as an interior designer assisting the talented British designer Anouska Hempel.

It was after a mystical insight about the healing power of stone frequency that Anne-Marie decided to radically change her life by moving to Bangkok, the heart of gem stone trading and an internationally renowned manufacturing hub, to start a new career as a jewelry designer and at the same time follow the Buddhist path of awakening. For many years Anne-Marie has been designing and producing for numerous international prestigious brands and attended many mediation retreats in Thailand, India and Bhutan.

Today, with a depth of spiritual practice and having experienced some realizations beyond ordinary perception, Anne-Marie feels the need to share her insights of ‘Oneness in Love and Wisdom’ through her creativity and talent for designing jewelry. ADAGE Jewelry was created in Bangkok in 2018, to honor and to bring East and West together through the medium of Beauty and Wisdom.